Our client was looking for a brand new luxury apartment for rent in Seoul. He preferred modern interior and brand new villa. Now days it seems bit difficult to find a brand new villa in French Village. There are few villas currently under the construction, but they are not ready to be vacant yet. So we contacted several real estate agents in the area. And finally we were able to find a brand new luxury apartment for rent in Seoul, at Seorae Village. Let’s see how the villa looked like.

Modern Style Living Room

The living room is with white walls and marble floor. As a result, it is really bright. There is a window which connects to the outside small green area. As it is in the 1st floor, it has a small balcony with some plants.

Modern Style Kitchen

It is right beside the living room. As the villa itself is the brand new one, the kitchen is quite modern. It has a built-in refrigerator, built-in wine cellar, and built-in convection oven. There is a separate utility room for washing machine. There is a small path to the kitchen from the main entrance. So a tenant can bring a heavy groceries to the kitchen conveniently from the main entrance.

Modern Style Master Bedroom

The master bedroom is with dark wooden floor, not marble floor. Therefore, it feels different from the living room. The room is still bright because of big window and white walls. There is a window which connects to outside balcony. It has its own washroom and dressing room.

Modern Style Family Room

This villa has a separate room which is called “Family Room”. This is where people use for recreation with children, library or office.

There are two guest bedroom and they look very similar to the master bedroom. But the size of each guest bedroom is smaller than the size of the master bedroom. This villa is in one of popular expat areas in Seoul. Some people call “French Village”, or some people call “Seorae Village”. There is a French school in this area. As it is a brand new villa, the monthly rent is a bit high. Like other many villas in French Village, this villa is in the market with standard 24 months contract and advance rent payment for the full-term of the lease up front.

If you would like to see other villas, please look at our other posts here: Apartments and Villas in Seoul & Villa in UN Village. French Village is located in Seocho district. If you would like to get some information about the area, you can look at the government website of Seocho district here.