AKorean company won a contract for manufacturing industrial equipment. The Korean company provides engineering for equipment used in crude oil industry. After the contract was made between the Korean company and a foreign company (ordering company) is completed, the ordering company was planning to dispatch its employee for supervision of industrial equipment building. In this case, the supervisor dispatched by the ordering company can receive D-9 long-term visa in Korea.

There are two ways of applying visas for people coming to Korea. One is the visa issuance number certificate process and the other is the change of status after entering Korea first. For D-9 visa, to go through the change of status, the applicant must have the reason for coming to Korea first and changing the visa status to D-9 long-term visa from tourist visa. But here please note that only citizens from the countries, that made a Visa Waiver Agreement with Korean government, can visit Korea without visa. Since the assignee had the personal reason for changing the status in Korea instead of going through visa issuance number certificate process first. So we decide to proceed with the change of status.

Usually supervisors are being dispatched from ordering companies, but we found out that the ordering company offered other specialized service provider the company had a contract with and the service provider was asked to dispatch its employee to Korea as a supervisor. In this case the supporting document proving the relationship between the ordering company and the service provider that dispatches a supervisor must be submitted with little more of supplementary explanation.

When the visa is applied, the equipment building contract made between a Korean company and a foreign company must be submitted. Since there should be confidential information of each party, the confidential information can be omitted from the contract that will be submitted to the immigration office.

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