One of the most complicated and difficult visa in Korea is E-7 visa. Many people think that hiring a foreigner would not be difficult if a candidate has very good qualification for the job. However, the candidate’s qualification is not the only consideration when the E-7 visa is applied. Things such as occupation, education level and qualification of employer should be considered and reviewed by immigration officers. We have briefly explained about eligibility and requirement for E-7 visa in Korea below. We have also summarized some important points about E-7 visa in our previous post. Please also see Key Points Summary for E-7 Visa in Korea and List of Job Types (Occupations) for E-7 Visa in Korea.

Eligibility for E-7 visa

Eligible Applicant: Foreigner who want to engage in occupations specially designated by the Ministry of Justice after making an employment contract with a public or private organization in Korea.

Basic Principle

  1. Immigration office separate workers into three groups: professionals, semi-professionals and skilled workers depending on the level of expertise required and substitutability of Korean citizens
  2. Immigration office finds a protective measure for Korean citizens from foreign skilled-workers who may intrude a job marker of Korean citizens with their substitutability by setting the quotas for each company, wage requirements, and higher job qualifications.

Requirements for E-7 visa

General Requirements

You need to satisfy any one of the following conditions

– You have a master degree or higher in the relevant field

– You have a bachelor’s degree and at least one year of work experience in the relevant field

– You have at least 5 years of work experience in the relevant filed

Special Condition

You must satisfy specific requirements if you work in a field that has designated specific education and work experience. For example, if you plan to work as a chef, you need to have a qualification such as cook license for certain food.

Standard Required Documents

– Degree certificate (Since March 2019, apostille certificate of the document is required by the immigration office)

– Career certificate (such as employment verification from previous companies)

– Resume

– License if required

– Documents regarding establishment of company (employer): There are many.

– Employment contract

– Document demonstrating the necessity of foreign employee (A letter which states the necessity of hiring the respective foreign employee, plan for usage of the employee, expected outcomes and etc.)

There are occupations which require mandatory employment recommendation from a relevant central administrative ministry such as KOTRA. A recommendation letter from the administrative ministry must be submitted for those occupations below.

Occupation that require employment recommendation

U-turn corporate production manager (1413), vessel management expert (1512), travel agency manager (1521), tourism leisure business manager (1521), cadone (2396), finance and insurance expert (272), travel package developer (2732), performance planner (2735), technical management expert (S2743), announcer (28331), hotel receptionist (3922), medical coordinator (S3922), tour-interpretation guide (43213), sea cucumber farming technician (63019), ship building welder (7430), airplane technician (7521)

Please note that the required documents can be different for some occupations. It would be very helpful to consult with experts like us before preparing the visa.

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