We recently assisted one of our customer in Korea on E-7 visa. They looked for a Korean employee for a specific position, but they could not find any. So they decided to hire a foreign employee. There are some essential documents for E-7 visa.

Visa procedure we took

We pursued the confirmation of visa issuance because the candidate was in his home country. For reference, you can apply for the change of visa in Korea if the candidate is staying in Korea with proper long-term visa. It will be good to know that there are three ways you can apply for Korean visa. One is to go with the confirmation of visa issuance. Another is to go with the change of visa. The other is to go with direct application to Korean consulate outside of Korea. Normally people go with the confirmation of visa issuance and change of visa for E-7 visa. Direct application to Korean consulate is basically for short-term employment visa.

Standard requirement

When a company in Korea considers hiring a foreign employee, it should check the substitutability of Korean national on a specific job/role/occupation. It is because Korean immigration office regards the local employment protection to be important. Our customer was in good shape and has many Korean employees, so we were able to collect the required documents from them smoothly. As the candidate graduated a university and had more than 1 year work experience, we were also able to get a copy university degree and employment verification from his previous company easily.

Application for the confirmation of visa issuance

We were ready to apply for the confirmation of visa issuance with the power of attorney from the customer. We visited the immigration office and submitted all the documents. However, the immigration officer requested additional documents which surprised us. We were not surprised by the officer requesting the additional documents, but we were surprised by the type of the documents requested. The officer requested Apostille confirmation from the candidate’s home country. The immigration office started to request the Apostille confirmation or Korean consulate notarization for the university degree and employment verification. From March 2019, the immigration office requested the Apostille confirmation or Korean consulate notarization if the document is considered to be essential. In conclusion, the university degree and employment verification are considered to be essential for E-7 visa by the immigration office.

Preparation of Apostille confirmation

We contacted the candidate and requested the Apostille confirmation. As he was familiar with the Apostille, fortunately it was not difficult for him to prepare the documents. If your home country does not issue the Apostille confirmation, you can get the Korean consulate notarization. It is not necessary to get the Apostille or consulate notarization on original documents. You can just get them on hard copy of the document. However, the immigration office requires original Apostille and original consulate notarization, you need to send the original Apostille or original consulate notarization to Korea via international mail.

We were able to receive the original Apostille from the candidate in 10 days. After submitting the additional documents, the immigration office issued the confirmation of visa issuance number two weeks later.

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