When a company in Korea invite a foreigner with local hire, the company needs to sponsor E-7 visa. E-7 visa with local hire is considered to be one of most difficult type of visas to get because qualification for both the company and the candidate must be satisfied The qualification can be number of Korean national employees for the company and work experience for the candidate. We are going to introduce one case we assisted previously to explain about the E-7 visa with real case. Please also see Key Points Summary for E-7 visa in Korea and E-7 Visa in Korea: Eligibility and Requirements for your reference.

Introduction for local hire visa

A client was a foreign-affiliated company which was in IT industry. The client wanted to hire a software engineer who was a foreigner. Once the client decided to hire the engineer, we had a meeting to assess the qualification of both the candidate and the client. The candidate’s occupation in the client company needed to be checked whether it was in the list of 84 occupations for E-7 visa. Please see List of Job Types (Occupations) for E-7 visa in Korea. The candidate belonged to Application Software Developer (code: 2223). Therefore, E-7 visa could be applied for the candidate.

Qualification for educational level and work experience

The candidate graduated from university in Europe and had a bachelor’s degree in computer science. After graduating from university, the candidate worked in two different software developing companies for 3 years. The standard qualification for educational level and work experience for E-7 visa is a master’s degree with no work experience, a bachelor’s degree with 1 year or more work experience, or no degree with 5 years of more work experience. Therefore, the qualification for the candidate was satisfied for E-7 visa. The degree certificate and employment verification from the candidate’s previous company needed to be prepared to prove the qualification.

Qualification for the employer

The basic qualification for the employer exist to protect Korean national employment. Generally a domestic consumption-oriented company with less than five Korean employees with unemployment insurance is restricted from inviting foreign employee. In principle, employer are permitted to hire E-7 employees within the range not exceeding 20% of Korean national employees. The client had about 50 Korean national employees with unemployment insurance and 2 foreign employees with E-7 visa. Therefore, there was no problem for the client to hire one more foreign employee because it would not exceed 20 %.

Visa application process

Visa issuance confirmation was applied first in Korea as the candidate was not in Korea. If the candidate was in Korea with a proper visa status, change of visa status would have been applied instead of visa issuance confirmation. The visa issuance confirmation number was issued from the immigration office in Korea 2 weeks after submitting the application. The candidate was given the visa issuance confirmation and a application form. And the candidate applied the visa at Korean consulate. It took about 5 business days for the actual E-7 visa sticker to be issued from the Korean consulate. The candidate entered Korea with the E-7 visa. Then we took him to the immigration office to apply for an Alien Registration Card and to record fingerprints. The Alien Registration Card was issued 3 weeks after submitting the application.

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