Recently there was a request from our customer to assist their employee on moving to Ulsan. The employee was looking for fully furnished apartment for rent. So we contacted our real estate agents in Ulsan to find out the availability of apartments with all the furniture.

Ulsan used to have many foreign workers when shipbuilding industry was booming. At that time, the rent price for apartments was very high. However, many foreign workers has left Ulsan now since shipbuilding industry entered a recession. As a result, the rent price went down significantly.

We received information from the realtors in Ulsan that there are not many fully furnished apartments there. Samsan-dong area is a kind of city center area where shopping centers and department stores are located. There was no fully furnished apartments in that area. But there were 4~5 apartments with all the furniture in Bangeo-dong area. Bangeo-dong is at the east side of Ulsan. Many foreign workers used to live in that area because there is Hyundai Heavy Industry there. We showed the employee 5 properties in Bangeo-dong area. It did not take that long time for him to choose the one he liked. It was the apartment right by the seaside. That being so, the apartment he chose had fantastic ocean view. The name of the apartment is “Hub Feliz”.

The apartment had three bedrooms, kitchen, and two wash rooms. It was the fully furnished apartment, so it had everything the employee needed. There were a sofa, TV, dinning table, refrigerator, kitchenware, washing machine and etc. In addition, it had air conditioners in each rooms and in living room. As summer in Korea is very hot and humid, it is important to find an apartment with air conditioners already in place. It is sometimes difficult to find an apartment with dishwasher because Koreans do not use it often. But the trend has changed and people has chosen to have the dishwasher now days. Fortunately the apartment had a dishwasher. The apartment owner will check the electronic appliance and furniture for malfunction and damage before moving to Ulsan.

The apartment even had a gym which we did not expect. All the tenants in the same apartment complex shares the gym. It was not a huge facility, but had good enough space for everyone to use it.

gym in Ulsan apartment

We made a lease contract with the owner. It was with a deposit and monthly rent. The owner was willing to go with the advance payment for the full-term of the lease up front. But our customer would like to go with the deposit plus monthly rent. The amount of deposit for the apartment was not that much in comparison with the standard deposit in Seoul.