There are various types of housing types in South Korea for different purposes and preferences. Either you are planning to stay in Korea for short or long-term, our relocation consultant will provide the best solutions just for you. Our consultant will accompany and guide you through to find a right home for you and your family. Find out how we can help you through our HOMEFINDING service.

Followings are some of the housing options in Korea:

Service residence

fraser-suites-seoulService residences are fully furnished apartment buildings with hotel-like services for both short and long term visitors.  Because these residences come fully furnished for your convenience with furniture, kitchen, appliances, internet connection as well as regular cleaning services, etc. it is becoming more popular choice among assignees in Korea.  Although it is less costly than staying in a hotel but still is quite expensive for a long term stay compared to other housing options.

Apartment (High-rise buildings)

apartmentBeing one of the largest cities with over 10 million populations in Seoul, apartments are the most popular housing option among Koreans.  There are wide ranges of different types of apartments available in Korea in terms of size and prices.  Apartments are also very popular choice for expatriates because of well established utilities and low maintenance needs.  Also it usually comes with secured parking area as well as other facilities such as playground, fitness, etc.  To find out more about lease options please contact us.

Private Houses

privatePrivate houses are one of the most expensive housing options in the cities.  Also there are limited numbers of these houses available in urban settings.  Many of these houses are located in international districts in Seoul such as Hannam-Dong, Ichon-Dong, and Seorae village in Gangnam.

Townhouse/Villas (Low-rise buildings)

townhouseAs an alternative option to standalone houses, townhouses and villas are also popular choices for expatriates in Korea.  Unlike high rise residences, townhouses and villas are usually no more than 5 stories high and have more luxurious settings.  It also usually comes with larger balcony and sometimes with private yard.  These houses are also very popular for many expatriates.

Officetel/One Room (Studio)

2009428819_3EC29vfe_EC98A4ED94BCEC8AA4ED8594This type of housing is popular for expatriates with small or no family member looking for inexpensive housing in Korea.  Many of these houses come with built-in appliances such as refrigerator, washing machine, and microwave, etc.    Because these buildings are popular among younger population, they are usually located near subway station for easier access to public transportation and busy, larger streets.  Also many of these buildings have 24 hour convenient stores and restaurants in lower floors.


5A Hanok refers to traditional Korean style house.  There are preserved areas in Seoul where Hanoks are located such as Bukchon Hanok Village.  These beautiful houses are available for both short and long term lease. However due to limited availability and popularity, often it is difficult to find one to lease.  There are also Hanok guest houses available for foreign travelers for short term stay.