Recently we helped our client get Tuberculosis(TB) Test Certificate which was needed for visa application. The client was about to apply for the change of visa status from a visitor to D-8 visa. That being the case, his family was about to get F-3 dependent visa. Because his spouse has a Chinese passport (Chinese citizen), she had to get the TB Test Certificate before submitting the visa application. So we took her to the nearest public health center (“보건소” in Korean). The closest public health center from their residence was Yongsan Public Health Center. According to the immigration office, the visa applicants can also visit one of designated hospitals. But from our experience, visiting the public health center is the most convenient and easy. For more information about visa type, please look at our other post here, Different Types of Visa in Korea. Let’s see how to get tuberculosis test certificate for visa in Seoul.

Pre-Selected Tuberculosis HIgh-Risk Countries

The immigration office designated 19 countries as tuberculosis high-risk countries. The countries are Nepal, East Timor, Russia, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Uzbekistan, India, Indonesia, China, Cambodia, Kyrgyzstan, Thailand, Pakistan, Philippines and Laos. Citizens from those countries must submit the tuberculosis test certificate when applying for long-term visa. Please note that the validity of the certificate is for 3 months from the issuance date.

Yongsan Public Health Center

As Yongsan Public Health Center is using the same building with Yongsan District Office, it is easy to park at the underground parking. There are many available parking lots. However, you could feel narrowness if you drive a big car.

In addition, there are automated parking fee machines, but they take only credit cards. If you have only cash, you can pay the parking fee at the way out.

First of all, you need to register for TB Test Certificate at the window for application in B1. You need to show them your passport and application form. You can find the application form there. The officer will give you a receipt for X-ray. Then you can go to #9 room for X-ray. If you give your receipt to the officer in #9 room, you will be asked to go to a dressing room to change your cloth. After wearing a gown, you can go to one of X-ray room and take an X-ray. Then you are done. The tuberculosis test certificate will be normally ready 3~4 days later.