Once every necessary relocation program have been provided, such as home finding and area orientation, assignees are then usually occupied with meetings and preparations for work transition for all day. As a result, the assignees’ spouses are often in charge of the remaining small tasks such as shopping, and settling-in. Therefore, importance of spouse support arises for smooth relocation program.

During this stage the spouses get a lot of stress by being pressured to handle every detail while adapting to new surroundings, culture and living conditions in unfamiliar country. It is obvious that these pressures can be obstacles for smooth relocation and it sometimes leads to conflicts in the family which may eventually result in failed assignment. As mentioned above, that is why importance of spouse support arises.

This is why spouse support is one of the important factors for successful assignment. Even though every detail was shown and explained thoroughly by our consultant during the relocation programs, it is somewhat impossible to consume all the information right away to adjust to new environment.

For extra care, it is essential that an exclusive relocation consultant is introduced to the spouse and the consultant should be easily reached out any time for any questions or concerns from the spouse. It usually takes about 3 months for the spouse to fully settled with new surroundings and become accustomed to new systems such as billing systems and public transportation.

Most of major cities in Korea have expat areas or villages and majority of new assignees also prefer to live those areas once they are introduced because they can share useful information. In Seoul, expat residences and communities are formed around international schools and expats relocating with children look into these areas as their first option because they would feel more comfortable and relaxed if their neighbor is also an expat. They can share useful information that is directly related to daily life and also share some stories they have experienced in new country.

In addition, the relocation consultant can also provide extra care by introducing different activities and make arrangements. There are many volunteer activities they can participate and some expat associations they can join. Language exchange may be another option if the spouses would like to learn Korean language and it is actually very popular in Korea. Getting a job may be an option too.

We have seen quite number of spouses who found their job at international schools, language schools, and companies related with their previous work experiences. By being involved with such activities, the spouses are able to reach self-realization and self-satisfaction and it would help reduce their stress level from relocation.

It is once again very important for the spouses to receive right supports with extra care by which they can rely on for many issues they may encounter in daily life. With an extra support to the spouses, the assignees are able to focus mainly on their work which should eventually lead to successful assignment in Korea.