If an employee is coming to Korea to work at the branch office of the head office, the employee needs to get D-7 visa. The immigration office in Korea will consider it as an Intra-Company Transfer visa. So please do not confuse with D-8 visa. For information about D-8 visa, please see this post, International Assignment to Korea: D-7 and D-8 Visa. There are standard required documents which the immigration office always requests. However, additional documents can be requested by the immigration office when D-7 visa for newly established branch office is applied.

Additional documents for newly established branch office

In addition to standard documents, the immigration  office will request a record of induction of operation fund to the branch office. The newly established branch office use this fund for office lease, initial costs, etc.. The proof of this fund can be a certificate of foreign exchange purchase/deposit. It is called “외환매입증명서” in Korean.

certificate of foreign exchange deposit

The above picture is the sample of the certificate of foreign exchange purchase we used for our client. Since the branch office just started operating and have no tax payment record, the business outline/plan needs to be prepared and submitted to the immigration office. It will show how the head office operates and fund the branch office, and make profit.

The amount money transferred to the branch office can just cover all the cost which will be incurred in Korea for the future operation. This record for the transfer of the fund is always requested by any immigration officers. Therefore, we strongly recommend to prepare this record of the fund transfer in advance.

D-7 visa process

The standard process for intra-transfer company visa is to go through the confirmation of visa issuance in Korea first before the employee enters Korea. The confirmation of visa issuance needs to be applied first at the immigration office in Korea. It normally takes about 2 weeks to get the confirmation of visa issuance number. It is kind of pre-approval number. Then the employee needs to apply for the visa sticker at Koran consulate outside of Korea. It normally takes about 4~7 days to get the visa sticker from Korean consulate.

After entering Korea with the visa sticker, the last step will be to apply for Alien Registration Card at the relevant immigration office. It normally takes about 2 weeks to get the Alien Registration Card after submitting the application.

For more information about D-7 visa, please see our other post here, D-7 Visa: Assignment to Branch or Liaison Office in Korea.