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Area Orientation

This service can be utilized to address the specific places and area familiarization before or after the assignment starts. Our specialists are accompanied at all times during the orientation trip and guide the assignee through completion of the program.

  • Provide and complete Needs Assessment Analysis Report

  • Provide flexible itinerary to fit client’s needs

  • Provide Welcoming Package

  • Reservation for temporary accommodation arrangement

  • Airport Pick up arrangement

  • Living area familiarization and city tour

  • School appointments and visits

  • Visit international hospitals/clinics

  • Visit furniture and appliance stores

  • Visit foreign and domestic grocery stores

  • Visit foreign bookstore

  • Public transportation information and orientation

  • Information about travel and cultural life

  • Introduction to expat community and social clubs in Korea

  • Local food experience and table etiquette

  • Other places to visit upon request