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Upon the end of our client’s assignment, our specialists will provide on-site assistance to ensure a smooth transition and departure. Additionally, we follow up to see if there are any remaining tasks or issues that need to be taken care of after the assignee has left.

  • Assistance with lease termination procedure

  • Arrangement of shipping if necessary

  • Coordinate final utilities, internet, telephone, etc payments

  • Disconnection of utilities, internet, telephone, cable, etc

  • Assistance on closure of all other services

  • Review of the assignees’ original move-in inventory inspection and lease agreement

  • Conduct pre-inventory check-out to prepare final check out inspection

  • On site presentation to represent assignee during the final check-out inspection

  • Arrange reimbursement of remaining rental payment or deposit

  • Coordination of mail forwarding services

  • Assist on any other items with the client’s request