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Home Finding

We work closely with the real estate agents to show the properties that fit a client’s preference. We also proceed with lease contracts in accordance with real estate regulations once the right property has been selected.

  • Visiting pre-screened / pre-selected properties with housing specialists

  • Provide flexible itinerary to fit client’s needs

  • Assisting our client to select a suitable place to live

  • Facilitate entire lease process: Negotiate rates and prepare lease documentation based on client’s requirements and best interest.

  • Facilitate signing of the lease with client and distribute lease documentation to appropriate parties.

  • Inform client on real estate regulations

  • Ensure internet, cable, telephone and utilities are all connected and working

  • Arrange rental furniture if necessary

  • Pre-inspection of the property before move-in

  • Provide information how to use appliances in the house

  • Coordinate move-in process with shipping company

  • Prepare inventory inspection and complete appropriate documentation

  • Resolving any issues related with the residence before and after assignee move-in