There are many apartments and villas in Seoul for expats. Many expats are looking at expat areas when they are searching for apartments and villas in Seoul. So we wish to show you how typical South Korean apartment and villa look like in this post. Please kindly understand that we cannot reveal the name of properties we show you here due to the agreement with the owners. Our client wanted to look at villas in Itaewon. The pictures of villa we are showing you below was one of the villas we showed to the client. This villa is a typical South Korean apartment and villa. You can also look at the post about luxury apartment in Seoul.

Living Room

It has a large living room with marble floor. It would be strange for some people to see the marble floor. However, you can see the marble floor often in Korea. It gets enough sunlight from the window.

Typical South Korean Apartment and Villa


Since the kitchen is connected from the living room, it also has the marble floor. There is a dish washer and oven. There are enough storage space including the wooden storage closet on the side.

Master Bedroom

Master bedroom has wooden floors. There are two projecting walls on each side. That is because the room was extended to the little balcony. The area after two projecting walls used to be a closed balcony.

Guest Bedroom

The guest bedroom has a sufficient space for a bed and a table. It looks bright because of big window.

Outside Decks

Good thing about this villa is the outside decks. There are three decks around the villa. Many villas in Seoul do not have this kind of outside deck.

This villa is located in Itaewon and the size is about 130 square meters. It has four bedrooms and 2 washrooms. There is one parking space. Asking rent prices is about KRW 6,000,000. One of popular rent method in Itaewon area is to pay for full-term of the lease up front. The standard lease term is 24 months. This owner for this villa also asks for the rent up front. To change the rent method to deposit plus monthly rent, we need to negotiate with the owner.

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