At this time we would like to talk about internship visa in Korea. One of our clients planned to send their employee to their local affiliated company in Korea. When an employee is assigned to Korea to work at the local affiliated company, normally an appropriate visa type for the employee is D-8 visa. D-8 visa is the most common visa type many foreign invested companies are applying for their employee.

Right type of visa for internship trainee

The client was also planning for D-8 visa. However, the right type of the visa was not the D-8 visa because the assignee was a trainee, not a regular assignee (managerial level employee). D-4 visa was the right type of the visa for the trainee. D-4 visa is for a person who is on-the-job training, researching or is an intern at a local affiliated company which is registered as “Foreign Invested Company”. It is important that the local affiliated company in Korea where the trainee will work is the “Foreign Invested Company”. For more information about D-8 visa, please see our other post here: D-8 Visa – Employee Transferred to Korea.

Internship visa (D-4) process

D-4 visa applicant needs to go through the consular process after getting the confirmation of visa issuance first at the immigration office in Korea. The confirmation of visa issuance is kind of pre-approval number. The change of visa status in Korea is not accepted for this category. It normally takes about 2 weeks to get the pre-approval number after submitting the application. Then it takes about 4~7 days at Korean consulate outside of Korea to get a visa sticker. The process time is varied depending on where the Korean consulate is located.

Last step for internship visa (D-4)

After getting the visa sticker, the last step is always to apply for Alien Registration Card (ARC) in Korea. This is the must step for people whose visa is longer than 90 days. The ARC should be applied at the relevant immigration office depending on your residence address. The ARC is issued in 3 weeks after submitting the application.